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With very heavy hearts, our staff here at Team Blue Sky Events, Inc. regret to inform our registered runners of this years Armed Forces Half Marathon & Base to Plaza 12K, scheduled for May 23, 2020, that due to forces completely out of our hands, we will be cancelling this years event until 2021. All entrants currently registered will automatically be entered into the 2021 event, honoring the Air Force.

As an RRCA State Championship event, we were forced to delay based on an RRCA mandate two weeks ago to halt all RRCA events through the end of May. Because several events ahead of us had already scheduled dates in the summer and early fall, we are forced to make some swift decisions. Because we have civilian and military assistance to make this event occur, our military volunteer team as well as our civilian volunteer teams were not prepared to look at alternate dates at this time, especially in light of the uncertainty due to COVID-19. To successfully plan this event, we start organizing and plannng 6-8 months in advance of the day of the race.

In the strategic planing of this event, since its inception, at least conceptually, it was always our desire to make this race weekend something special for our veterans, families of fallen, those serving, and all those who consider themselves supporters of our branches of the military, a truly memorable event. Changing dates was never a consideration since memorial day weekend is the time when we remember those above.

We are hard drivers here at Team Blue Sky and saying “no we cant” has rarely been an option, but today we say, “No we wont,” so that we can keep to a tradition that we started 4 years ago, and that is honoring our brothers and sisters in uniform on a special day that comes once a year.

Runners of this event are asked to stay tuned for further emails in the coming days and ear mark the date May 22nd 2021 for the 4th Annual Armed Forces Half Marathon & Base to Plaza 12K.

Thank you.

Darryll Whaley
CEO, Team Blue Sky Events, Inc.

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