Course Description

HALF MARATHON: Starts at 0630hrs at the Plaza.

This is a fairly flat and fast out and back half marathon with two-thirds of the half marathon being run in the Naval Weapons Station. This course takes runners from the downtown Concord area up Willow Pass and into the Naval Weapons Station, formerly used as a munitions depot for several of the wars our nation fought in. Commonly referred to as Bunker City. Runners will begin their return portion of the half marathon with a small incline. It is here where runners will get an incredible panoramic view of the installation. This part of the course up until now, this has been strictly off-limits to civilians. Upon exiting the Weapons Station, runners will run back down Willow Pass and finish at Todos Santos Plaza where they will be given a commemorative medal of our armed forces and will enjoy our post race festival in the park.

Concord Naval Weapons Station

Concord was a military base established in 1942 north of the city of Concord, California at the shore of the Sacramento River where it widens into Suisun Bay. The station functioned as a World War II armament storage& depot, supplying ships at Port Chicago. Concord NWS continued to support war efforts during the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War, processing and shipping thousands of tons of materiel out across the Pacific Ocean. During World War II it also had a Naval Outlying Field at the southern edge of the base. It ceased being an operating airfield after World War II.

Because of changes in military operations, parts of the Inland Area began to be mothballed, and by 1999 the station had only a minimal contingent of military personnel and contained mainly empty ammunition storage bunkers, empty warehouses, and disused support structures. In 2007 the U.S. federal government announced that the Inland Area of the Naval station would be closed. The Tidal area of the base was not scheduled for closure.

Time Limits: Half Marathon 4 hours, 12K 3 Hours. (At 10am, runners on Willow Pass will adhere to traffic law and be moved to the sidewalks).

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