PACKET PICK UP AT (Its a surprise)

Packet pick up occurs the day before between 10am and 6pm. We will be posting this location in the month of May so that you can make the appropriate plans.

If you have requested bib mailing: Your shirt and bib will be mailed to you within two weeks of the event. On the morning of the event, race shirts and bibs can be picked up between 5am and 6am at the plaza, which is next to the start line. Please try to arrive early, the half marathon will start sharp at 0630 hours.Those who pick up their bibs late will have a late start, and quite possibly could miss the start. Dont allow this to happen.

Enjoy your stay with us and have a great race!

Two Parking Garages Flank Todos Santos Park. One has 500 Stalls, the other 800. Enter each from Pacheco Blvd Concord Ave.

Todos Santos Plaza, Concord California

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