Hello Runners, please join us the day before, Friday, May 28th 2021, between the hours of 9am and 7pm at Todos Santos Plaza in Concord. We will have your your race day bib and shirt ready for you and can answer questions about the course as well. We will have a detailed map and what to expect on race day. We will be located on the Grant St. Side of the Plaza. Two large parking garages are located just a block away on either side of the plaza.

While you are here, there are several terrific restaurants in this town square so stick around and get to know Concord. You won’t regret it.

Note: 12K runners for race day, you will hop on a shuttle (50 yards in front of the half marathon start line), the morning of the race between 5am and 6am to be taken out to your start, which is on the base. DO NOT be late as the last bus leaves at 6am sharp! At packet pick up, you will be given a bag to put your cold weather gear in when you get to the start line out on the base, which will be driven back to the finish line for you. Look for the Cintas truck at your start and back at the finish. 

On the morning of the event, race shirts and bibs can be picked up between 5am and 6am at the plaza, which is next to the start line. Please try to arrive early, the half marathon will start sharp at 0630 hours and the 12K sharp at 0700 hours out on the base and those who pick up their bibs late will have a late start, and quite possibly could miss the shuttle. Dont be that person.

Enjoy your stay with us and have a great race!

Two Parking Garages Flank Todos Santos Park. One has 500 Stalls, the other 800. Enter each from Pacheco Blvd Concord Ave.

Todos Santos Plaza, Concord California

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